The Sierra Club’s members and supporters are more than 1.3 million of your friends and neighbors.  Inspired by nature, we work together to protect our communities and the planet.  The Club is America’s oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.

Watauga Group is the newest Sierra Club group in Tennessee.   With the enthusiasm and guidance of local environmentalists Catherine Murray and Dean Whitworth, Johnson County residents presented their bylaws to the TN Chapter, and the formation of the group was approved at the Winter Chapter meeting in 2006.

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Chair: Gloria Griffith, (, (423) 727-4797 

Vice Chair: Dr. Earl Taylor, (423) 727-7211 

Conservation Chair: Dean Whitworth, (423) 727-7214 

Outings Chair: Webb Griffith, (, (423) 727-4797

Treasurer: Cindy Johnson, ( (423) 768-3882

Secretary: Dennis Shekinah, (, (423) 727-6497 

TN Sierra Club Website

Watauga Group supports efforts

to protect Doe Creek from

industrial and agriculturalpollution. 

Join us in working to keep this

pristine trout stream

clean for generations