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Sierra Scene, Vol. 14, No. 7
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From Jeff Barrie, Kilowatt Ours Producer
New Zeb Mtn Lawsuit
Save These Dates 
Thursday, Oct. 23 UCGroup Meeting 7 pm Putnam Co. Library downstairs meeting Rm. - Dr. John Harwood, Caney Fork Watershed Assn AND
Rain Barrel Festival planning  
October 24-26 Tn. Chapter Quarterly Meeting Pickett State Park, see Tennessee Chapter website
October 24, 7 pm 
Kilowatt Ours on NPT
 Nashville, TN, WNPT
Channel 8
Nov. 13-15
TN. Environmental Council/TN. Conservation Voters 2d Annual Summit for a Sustainable Tennessee Lipscomb University, Nashville
To Register, go to
 Nov. 17 TTU SEAC/SOCM /Sierra Meeting  - Ecuador Oil Fights - Pictures and Stories by Dr. Jon Jonakin and Brian Paddock from their Global Exchange tour in July
2009 Sierra Club Calendars are In/For Sale
Engagement $13.95
Wall size $12.95
At any of the above events,  or contact me

Kilowatt Ours Broadcast Schedule (showings after 10/15):  

San Jose, CA, KTEH, 11/18 at 12am 
West Palm Beach, FL, WXEL - 11/15 at 8pm., 11/15 at 8pm

New Orleans, LA  WLAE, 10/20 at 8pm

10/27 at 11pm
Grand Rapids, MI, WGVU, 10/19 at 5pm, 10/16 at 4 am

Asheville, NC, SCETV, 10/19 at 10pm
Greensboro/High Point/Winston Salem, NC, UNC-TV, 10/23 at 10pm
Raleigh/Durham, NC, UNC-TV, 10/23 at 10pm

Las Vegas, NV, PBS Jackpot Cable111, 10/25 at 4:01 AM, 10/25 at  9AM, 10/25 at 2pm

Columbia, SC, SCETV, 10/19 at 10pm 

Memphis, TN, WKNO, 10/22 at 8pm
Nashville, TN, WNPT, 10/24 at 7pm

Seattle, WA, KCTS, 11/14 at 12pm noon, 1/18 at 11pm

Milwaukee, WI, WMVS, 10/15 at 10pm

Times and dates subject to change.  Please check local listings to confirm broadcast information
The Kilowatt Ours Team
info@KilowattOurs.org <http://www.KilowattOurs.org> 

red mapleDear UC Sierrans,
Please come to our Group meeting next Thursday night.  Learn about the good things the Caney Fork Watershed Association is doing from our own former Group Chair and renowned founder of our Group, Dr. John Harwood, who is now leading the forces for our local watershed association.

Also PLEASE help us plan a super event scheduled for April on or near Earth Day -  A Rain Barrel Festival  - modelled after a very successful one put on by the City of Berea in KY.  To learn more about what they did in Berea, go to the website for Sustainable Berea.
We're working with the City of Cookeville's stormwater program coodinator, UCG member Tracy Meggs, experienced rain barrel demonstrator Deborah Sam and local artists, including Tech art students, Merrit Ireland's Pacesetters student artists, and hopefully some of our other outstanding local artists.  We're hoping to do this at Cane Creek Park.
The plan is to assemble a bunch of plastic food-grade barrels (hopefully donated), have the artists paint or decorate them, put in the correct plumbing and auction them off at the festival.  Costs of the barrel, art and plumbing supplies would be recovered first - and then the proceeds would go to some local environmentally friendly project to be decided upon.
We need help in contacting businesses - and churches - or other entities to sponsor the barrels - and hopefully front the costs of art/plumbing supplies (we estimate to be about $35-40 per barrel if the barrel is donated, more if not) - and we need help planning and making decisions.
Do you own a business - or are you a member of a church - that you would be willing to ask to be a rain barrel sponsor?  Please let us know - or better yet, come next Thursday night (Oct. 23d) and help us plan.
In Kentucky one of the barrels, donated by the garden club brought $300.  Everyone I've talked to who attended the Berea event thought it was great!  One of my lawyer freinds up there says he and his wife actually purchased five rain barrels and gave some away as gifts.
This could be a great thing for the city - and for all of us!  HELP US MAKE IT SO!
Hope to see you next Thursday night.
Mary Mastin, Chair Upper Cumberland Group
From Jeff Barrie, Kilowatt Ours producer 

It has been an honor and a privilege to meet so many wonderful people over the years, criss-crossing the nation and talking about energy conservation.  Today, I write with news and a call for help:  As you know, throughout the month of October (and beyond), Kilowatt Ours will appear on numerous public TV stations nationwide, including the markets listed in this email.  Would you please help us attract larger viewership?  If so, here is how you can help:

Forward the email below to your contacts, friends, listserves, etc. Watch it on TV (invite some friends over).  If it is not airing in your community, contact your local station viewer services department and ask if they plan to schedule a broadcast. Make a small donation to Kilowatt Ours to support our continued efforts to make this national release a smash hit! (visit www.KilowattOurs.org and click on "donate"). Use the attached .jpeg to use in your outreach, if helpful

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!  And do not hesitate to send me a message.  I would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Jeffrey Barrie
Kilowatt Ours
***Winner - South Dakota International Film Festival***
(615) 340 5005 office (Trust for the Future)
PO Box 60322 Nashville, TN 37206

Film's inspiring message of energy conservation reaches national audience

KILOWATT OURS: A PLAN TO RE-ENERGIZE AMERICA is an award-winning film that provides simple, practical, affordable solutions to America's energy crisis and shows how we can save electricity, save money and make a difference for ourselves and the planet.  Visit www.KilowattOurs.org for a short sneak preview.
The film is scheduled for broadcast on public television stations in dozens of cities across the United States this October, "National Energy Awareness Month." See below for a list of stations. More stations are added weekly so visit www.KilowattOurs.org <http://www.kilowattours.org/>  for updated TV info, or check local listings to see if your station is planning to show the film.
If a broadcast is scheduled in your city, the Kilowatt Ours organization has several opportunities for you to help get the word out about this important documentary:  
·       Email this announcement to your community contacts and/or post it in your organizations' newsletter and website Kilowatt Ours has materials to support the following efforts at www.KilowattOurs.org/organizertoolkit.html <http://www.kilowattours.org/organizertoolkit.html>   
·       Host a viewing in a home or community setting. Please contact Screening@KilowattOurs.org
·       Consider a donation or sponsorship to support this effort and bring this film to a wider audience. Donations of $25 entitle you to a DVD and bulk rates are available.

If the film is not currently scheduled in your community, you may wish to contact the viewer services department at your local public television station to find out if they are planning to show this hopeful film which inspires energy conservation and change for most people who see it.   
Kilowatt Ours' is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Sponsors include:  Turner Foundation, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, The Sierra Club Foundation, Johnson Controls, Mother Earth News, Utne Reader, Stonyfield Farms, and Renewable Choice Energy.  For more information, visit  http://www.kilowattours.org/
Sierra Club files Federal Court Law Suit Against Nation Coal Corp. for Selenium discharges at Zeb Mtn

Water quality tests conducted between December 2007 and July 2008 by the groups bringing the lawsuit, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, and the mine itself have repeatedly documented harmful amounts of selenium in water flowing away from the mine, often well above legal limits.  With no indication the mine has taken any action to prevent future violations, it will likely continue to discharge toxic amounts of selenium into the waterways of Eastern Tennessee
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