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Sharing the water with kids NASHVILLE ICO serves many underprivileged kids in our community. We have enthusiastic, highly qualified ICO leaders eager to get kids outdoors. We have established relationships with the agencies we serve. What we need to continue our mission? Money, naturally.

Here’s a brief update on our year to date and what it costs to do all that we do:

The week of spring break we conducted 5 hikes in 4 days with the following groups: The After School Program (TAP), Coleman Community Center, Hadley Community Center, Easley Community Center and Venture Crew scouts. Our dedicated leaders took kids exploring at Shelby Bottoms, Owl’s Hill, Radnor Lake and Beaman Park that week.

Cost? Gas for transportation.

Teaching the joys of nature June 22 six ICO leaders met the TAP group at Beaman Park to let the kids cool off in and explore Henry’s Creek. At the end of the outing, Craig Jervis and Clay Hardy, ICO co-chairs, served 45 happy kids watermelon, fresh fruit and granola bars. Cost? Craig and Clay donated the food out-of-pocket; gas for transportation.

June 30, five ICO leaders took 12 teens and chaperones from Boys and Girls Club paddling on the Harpeth River. Cost? $164/canoe rental; gas for transportation.

July 11 four ICO leaders paddled the Duck River with Generation Connection Camp, 28 children and adults. Cost? $340/canoe rental, $16/watermelon, Mad Platter donated a feast for lunch, gas for transportation.

Mandatory Red Cross certification for outings leaders. Cost? $70/person biennially.

Mandatory Basic Water Safety certification (in order to conduct water outings): Cost? $40 (note almost all ICO leaders who got certified this year paid this out-of-pocket).


MONTGOMERY BELL OVERNIGHT CAMPING Estimated cost* for 15 kids/chaperones: $750

MAMMOTH CAVE (Remember, our closest national park) Estimated cost* for 15 kids/chaperones: $350.

CUMBERLAND CAVERNS Estimated cost* for 15 kids/chaperones: $530.

*Includes price of admission, meals, transportation expense

Here’s where you can help. YOU can be a part of this and share in the joys this program offers by becoming a certified ICO leader yourself OR you can help us with a financial contribution.

For a tax deductible donation make check payable to Sierra Club Foundation with Inner City Outings on the “For” line.

For donations not requiring tax deductible status, make check payable to Inner City Outings.

Mail to:
All it takes is you Michael Varnell
Treasurer ICO
7001 Stroop Lane
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

If you are interested in ICO certification contact me: Joy Mayfield (615-851-1192) or joy.mayfield@comcast.net
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Updated: 09/10/2012