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Quarterly Chapter Meeting: Host Group Responsibilities

The Group hosting a State Chapter Meeting is expected to:
  • Reserve a group lodge at one of the State Parks at least a year in advance; usually requires a deposit of approximately half the weekend cost.  (The January meeting is traditionally at Cedars of Lebanon State Park, and the October meeting is traditionally at Pickett State Park.  Pickett must be reserved 2 years in advance.)
  • Place an announcement and registration form in the Tennes-Sierran, the month before and the month of the meeting.  Include directions to the facility and an emergency number at the facility. Send an e-mail reminder as the weekend approaches.
  • Charge participants according to the attached Excel (or PDF) document (approved July 2007).  Keep track of payments.
  • Plan, prepare and serve the following meals: Saturday breakfast, Saturday supper, Sunday breakfast and plenty of coffee and snacks throughout the weekend.  A bring-your-own barbeque on Friday night is optional.  Participants are responsible for their own lunch on Saturday.  Leftovers are usually made available for Sunday lunch.  Participants may take leftovers home; a donation is recommended.
  • Arrange hikes or other outings for Saturday morning (short, long, easy, strenuous, Sunday morning optional), and arrange a program for Saturday night (an environmental program, travel or nature slide show).  Arrange to have a TV and VCR available for Eco-Theater.  A Silent Auction is held at the April and October meetings; coordinate with the Conservation Chair.
  • Clean the facility thoroughly at the end of the weekend.  Prepare sign-up sheets to get volunteers to help with breakfast prep and cleanup, supper prep and cleanup, and final cleanup.  A box containing some paper products and a variety of teas is passed from group to group.  Expect to buy paper towels and possibly toilet paper.  Find out ahead of time if the facility has enough coffee makers, a microwave and other modern conveniences.  Some facilities are rather rustic.  Bring your own dish towels (lots of them).
Quarterly Chapter Meeting: Host Group Sign-Up Sheets

For hikes and help in the kitchen, the Group hosting a State Chapter Meeting may want to have some sign-up sheets like the following.
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April 10-11-12, 2015 in @ the Natchez Trace State Park Group Lodge. Contact Cherokee Group @ barbaraduckhurst@hotmail.com for more information.

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