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2011 Executive Committee Officers

Chair: Keven Routon At-Large Delegate
Vice Chair: Angela Garrone Watauga Group
Conservation: Scott Banbury Cherokee Delegate
Secretary: Barbara Kelly Cherokee Group
Treasurer: Michael Varnell Middle Tennessee Group
CCL Delegate: Joel Gearhardt At-Large Delegate (CKG)
Executive Committee

Davis Mounger Chickasaw Group, Chair
Scott Kramer Chickasaw Group
Sue Williams Cherokee Chair
Scott Banbury Cherokee Delegate
Mark Plumlee Cherokee Delegate
Robin Hill HBG Chair
Mac Post HBG Delegate
Betsy Garber Middle Tennessee Group, Chair
Cliff Cockerham Middle Tennessee Group
Scott Heflinger Middle Tennessee Group
Gloria Griffith Watauga Chair
Dean WhitworthWatauga Delegate
Webb Griffith Watauga Delegate

At-Large Delegate term 13-14
Gary Bowers At- Large Delegate
Angela Garrone At- Large Delegate
Elizabeth Tallman At- Large Delegate

At-Large Delegate term 12-13
Joel Gearhardt At- Large Delegate
Barbara Kelly At- Large Delegate
Axel Ringe At- Large Delegate
Keven Routon At- Large Delegate
Adminstrative Committee Chairs

Awards Clark Buchner
Budget Michael Varnell
Communications Barbara Kelly
Compliance Officer Charles High
Fund Raising Barbara Kelly
Leadership Development/Training Don Richardson
Legal Mary Mastin
Legislative Penny Brooks & Mary Mastin
Political Penny Brooks
Publicity Lana Sutton
Newsletter Gene Van Horn
Outings Webb Griffith

News and Issues for Tennessee Sierra Club News and Issues

Arrow Upcoming Meetings

April 10-11-12, 2015 in @ the Natchez Trace State Park Group Lodge. Contact Cherokee Group @ barbaraduckhurst@hotmail.com for more information.

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