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The newly formed Knoxville ICO (Inspiring Connections Outdoors) is actively involved

and outings. Specially trained Harvey Broome Group volunteers partner with schools and community agencies to actively engage low-income inner city youth and adults, in safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences.

These outings are provided free of charge. We are in need of donations of equipment for these outings.

In particular we need youth sized daypacks, rugged water bottles that are readily cleaned, youth sized ponchos.

If you have any of these items stashed in storage places of your home that you are no longer using please consider donating them to our Knoxville ICO program. Contact Mac Post, mpost3116@gmail.com, 865-806-0980.

We are looking for volunteers for not only leading outings but also for additional chaperones, logistical support, fundraising and publicity. If you want to find out more about our program contact us for information and a Prospectus at: KnoxvilleICO@gmail.com.

Recently The Knoxville ICO had a delicious activity at the Vestal Boys and Girls Club - camp cooking.

This is the first in a series of camping skills we will be offering the BGC once a month to prepare them for a camp out sometime next spring/summer.

Photos of the Vestal BGC members preparing and eating their hobo pockets and baked apples can be found at:


Click for Photos

Inner City Outings (ICO), is a community outreach program of the Sierra Club.

This program seeks to provide urban youth and adults with positive outdoor experiences.

The goal of ICO is to allow participants to discover the beauty of wild places and learn how to enjoy and protect our wild environments.

By bringing people of diverse backgrounds into the environmental community, the ICO program strengthens the ranks of the environmental movement at large.

The first Inner City Outings took place in 1971 in San Francisco.

Since then, this Sierra Club program has spread all across the country, helping youth, who normally wouldn't have the chance, explore and love the great outdoors.

The Nashville Inner City Outings program has been operating in Tennessee for over 7 years.

The Harvey Broome Group is organizing an Inner-City Outings group right here in Knoxville.

We plan to have Sierra Club approval in spring of 2014 and start providing trips with several partner inner-city youth agencies this summer.

We can use help from people who love to share their enthusiasm for kids, teaching, and having fun.

Please contact one of the people below, if you want to help out.

Before you know it, you will be having more fun than the kids! Harvey Broome Group ICO Leadership Team:

Chair: Mac Post mpost3116@aol.com

Volunteer Coordinator: Terrin Kanoa freenoa@gmail.com

Education Coordinator: Janet Bigelow janet_bigelow@tds.net

Outings Leaders:

Betsy Cofer eacofer@gmail.com

Barbara Allen allen745139@bellsouth.net

Ron Shrieves ronaldshrieves@comcast.net

Chris Hamilton hikeintenn@gmail.com

Debbie Sharp dspuravida@yahoo.com

Upcoming Meetings

July 20-21-22: Summer Chapter Meeting @ Natchez Trace State Park, hosted by the Chickasaw Group

October 19-20-21: Fall Chapter Meeting @ Pickett State Park, hosted by the Chickasaw Group

January 25-26-27: Winter Chapter Meeting @ Cedars of Lebanon State Park, hosted by the Harvey Broome Group

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