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Kingston Coal Ash Landfill

On Dec. 9, TDEC held a public hearing concerning a permit modification proposal by TVA to expand their existing coal ash and flue gas desulfurization wastes landfill.

It has come to light that not only the proposed landfill expansion, but the existing landfill, are situated over unstable, cavernous rock (karst) that is linked via groundwater directly to the Clinch River.

In 2010, TVA experienced a sudden drainage of the existing landfill through the bottom of the landfill that subsequently appeared in the Clinch River.

In addition, high levels of the toxic element selenium have been measured downstream from the landfill.

We are urging people to write TDEC and tell them the site is unsuitable for a coal ash landfill and to move it somewhere offsite. This is the same place where the disastrous Kingston coal ash spill happened 10 years ago. Apparently TVA doesn't learn from its experience.

To comment, write or call Mr. Greg Luke, DSWM, William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower, 312 Rosa L. Parks Ave, 14th Floor, Nashville, TN 37243; email greg.luke@tn.gov; telephone: 615-532-0874; fax 615-532-0938. Deadline for comments is December 30, 2014.

To see the permit application, go to http://environment-online.state.tn.us:8080/pls/enf_reports/f?p=19035:34001:6389317268593 Under the SWM Permit tab, type IDL730000211 in the search function to link to the TVA Kingston Fossil Plant Gypsum Landfill information. Axel C. Ringe Conservation Chair Harvey Broome Group Sierra Club 865-397-1840 onyxfarm@bellsouth.net

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