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The Harvey Broome Group (HBG) has endorsed the following state and local candidates in the November 4, 2014 State General Election.

Tennessee House of Representatives 13th Representative District: Gloria Johnson

Tennessee House of Representatives 15th Representative District:: Joseph "Joe"Armstrong.

Tennessee House of Representatives 16th Representative District: Bill Dunn

Knox County Board of Education District 2: Jamie Rowe

All of these candidates have strongly supported Sierra Club goals.

Please give them your strongest consideration for your vote and for your support.

Early voting starts October 15, 2014

TDOT's 25-Year Long-Range Transportation Plan

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) is creating a new long-term vision for transportation in Tennessee

and public input is needed. This 25-Year Long-Range Transportation Plan provides the foundation for prioritizing transportation investments across the State.

The updated plan will aid in accomplishing TDOT's mission to serve the public by providing the best multimodal transportation system in the Nation.

The Plan allows TDOT to make key long-term funding and policy decisions about transportation investments throughout Tennessee today and in the future.

A major outcome of this two-year comprehensive effort is a mid-term, 10-Year Strategic Investment Program.

The intent of the 10-Year Strategic Investment Program is to capture the

insights gained during the development of the 25-Year Long-Range Transportation Plan to

concurrently develop a project program investment plan that is fiscally constrained that can be implemented over a 10-year horizon.

Over the course of the Plan process, an extensive public involvement program is in place to gather input from a variety of stakeholders, including the public, elected and appointed officials, and community groups located throughout the state.

the state.

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July 20-21-22: Summer Chapter Meeting @ Natchez Trace State Park, hosted by the Chickasaw Group

October 19-20-21: Fall Chapter Meeting @ Pickett State Park, hosted by the Chickasaw Group

January 25-26-27: Winter Chapter Meeting @ Cedars of Lebanon State Park, hosted by the Harvey Broome Group

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