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The Harvey Broome Group (HBG) has endorsed the following state and local candidates in the November 4, 2014 State General Election.

Tennessee House of Representatives 13th Representative District: Gloria Johnson

Tennessee House of Representatives 15th Representative District:: Joseph "Joe"Armstrong.

Tennessee House of Representatives 16th Representative District: Bill Dunn

Knox County Board of Education District 2: Jamie Rowe

All of these candidates have strongly supported Sierra Club goals.

Please give them your strongest consideration for your vote and for your support.

Early voting starts October 15, 2014

Georgetown University Energy Prize

The Harvey Broome Group, as a partner with the Climate Knoxville coalition, has committed to collaborate with the City of Knoxville in a competition against 52 other medium-sized cities across the U.S. for a $5 million prize.

The prize will be awarded to the community that demonstrated best a plan for reducing its use of energy. Judging will be based on reductions in energy use, innovation of approach, quality of community outreach, sustainability, and replicability. The HBG will be working on outreach to the Knoxville community to educate and inform people and organizations about the prize, and advocate for sustainably reducing the use of energy. For more information about the competition and prize, go to: http://www.guep.org/.

TENNOVA Hospital Plan

As you probably know, Tennova must get their Certificate of Need from the state in order to build a new hospital on Middlebrook Pike and shut down St. Mary's. There are important events coming up related to that.

Oct. 27, Monday - City County Building, 400 W Main St, downtown Knoxville 37902. 6pm.

The TN Health Services and Development Agency (HSDA) will hold a "fact-finding" hearing on the Tennova issue. This is the agency that will decide whether or not to issue Tennova's Certificate of Need (CON), but this is NOT the actual hearing where a vote is taken. This is a local hearing to let people here in Knoxville voice their concerns, questions, etc to the Agency. It is open to the public and anyone can speak. Please attend and state your opposition to Tennova's Plan.

Please note that HSDA considers three criteria when deciding on a CON. You should focus your remarks on these points: Need; Economic feasibility; and Contribution to the orderly development of health care. Nov. 19, Wednesday - Nashville. 9am. HSDA will hold the hearing on Tennova's CON. The Agency will vote that day on whether or not to issue a CON to Tennova. This is a public meeting. We should have as many people there as possible to state our opposition to Tennova's plan. Please let me know if you are interested in going. We can car pool or rent a bus if enough people want to go. Whether you go to Nashville or not, please send a letter or email to the HSDA opposing the Tennova plan. Again, it should focus on the three criteria above.

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January 25-26-27: Winter Chapter Meeting @ Cedars of Lebanon State Park, hosted by the Harvey Broome Group

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